This is one of those posts that feels a little unfamiliar because I’ve taken a little too long to visit this writing corner. Obviously, things have gotten incredibly busy on the business front, not to mention with family and the actual living side of things. I’m constantly running against the clock, making sure lunches are packed, doctors appointments are attended, the dishes are cleaned and the laundry is done. I know I’m in good company with my fellow parents and caregivers when it comes to all of this.

Beau turned two in the beginning of December. This sweet, energetic, smart and kind soul continues to not only surprise but keep us on our toes daily.


This past Christmas came up rapidly, though I can honestly say that it was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Justin and the kids were in our church’s Christmas Pageant the morning of Christmas eve. We’ve been waiting awhile for all three to be able to participate, and it was incredibly sweet.


We celebrated with family on several different nights, and were finally able to host a celebration in our very own home without worrying about space or sleeping arrangements. Despite dropping the 20 lb turkey and spilling all of the brine at midnight the night before, it came out well enough.

Theo certainly had no complaints.


The stockings were finally hung from a mantle, and the kids dashed outside after opening presents on Christmas morning to play with their toys with our neighborhood friends.


It’s what I’ve always wanted but never expected to actually happen.

Soft and amazing organic pajamas by Skylar Luna. Our last set lasted a full year.

Shortly after the first of the year, Theo received his final vaccine and we got the go-ahead to take him out to public places. We started with the park and graduated to our favorite dog beach-the one that we always used to go to before we adopted Theo.


It’s been so much fun watching him explore the world for the first time. Belly laughs had by all.


We are incredibly blessed, and it is, at times, breathtaking. There is a pride and a peace that comes with knowing that we worked hard for much of our success, though it certainly doesn’t take away from the gratitude we feel.

Wishing you all the very same. With love from us to you in this new year.

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  • Every post from you is always heartwarming. I follow you on Instagram and #theoandbeau never fails to bring a smile to our faces. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best. Much love from the Philippines!

  • Dear Jessica and Family,

    I ran across an article about how you rescued Theo and then started to follow you on Instagram. Every day I look forward to the pictures you post! I am 31 divorced Admin Assistant (zumba instructor in the evenings) in a small town in WV. Life is good and I’m blessed. But your life is everything I’ve ever wanted, I don’t say this out of jealousy, I say this out of happiness. I truly am so happy for you and your little family. Your children are beautiful. I am also an animal rescuer. Between my boyfriend and I we have 7 animals. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, God bless! Follow me back on Instagram and you’ll see my animals: zumbachick82

  • Love those beach pictures… would look great on a wall, Jess! xo

  • I stumbled across the #theoandbeau hashtag on Instagram and I absolutely love seeing the photos of your pup with your adorable family. Happy New Year to you!

  • What a great post. I just love your family. I look forward to your daily pictures. What great parents you are. Your kids are amazing. Theo is killing me with his cuteness and loyalty. Most people just don’t understand the importance of letting a dog be a member of the family completely. It makes for a great pet. I love the way at least one of your kids has to touch another member of the family in the pictures. I hope the pictures keep coming even when everyone starts to get bigger.

  • I enjoyed reading this article about your holiday and the photos are amazing. You have a lovely family and I enjoy all the photos of Theo and Beau on a daily basis. I hope you know how much we appreciate you sharing your family with us. You have a lot to be proud of, you deserve the best!

  • Love all of your photos. Theo and Beau are adorable together and your other kids are sooooo cute. Thanks for sharing with us. I would by a book with your photos in it for sure! May be that could be one of your next projects.

    Thank you again for sharing. These photos simply make my day!!


  • Hello,
    I hope you are all doing very well. I cant express enough how much I enjoy your pictures and sharing your family with us. It was a very lucky day fore everyone when Theo came into your life and now all of ours. Your children are beautiful and it is wonderful that you share everyone with us. I have to say in my long days next to going home to my son one of the best thing is seeing your pictures of theo and beau.

    Thank you again
    Rhode Island

  • I’m with Loukia. The beach pics must hit the walls somewhere. They are so awesome! xo

  • Thank you so much for sharing your family with the world. I really look forward to all then new pictures of the ‘nappers’; there will come a time when Theo will be double Beau’s size, lengthwise, so keep snapping while they are still little! I know they will still be as cute as ever, no matter how much they grow. If you check out my website, my little puppy is now a full grown 70 pound boy full of love and kisses! He wasn’t a rescue, but the family who had the puppies would have taken them to the Humane Society if they could not have found homes for them.
    Smiles from Canada!

  • Every day I check instagram for what is always an incredible photo filled with love. Thank you..from the other side of the bay in Carmel.

  • All these pictures are so heartwarming, I love seeing them.

  • The two of them in the swings is too cute! So happy that you finally have more space to have those dreams pan out!

  • Just want you to know how much your pictures inspire me, I am having a problem with my granddaughter & haven’t been able to see four of my greatgrandchildren for going on four months. She kind of just distanced herself and doesn’t answer phone calls or e-mails. It gives me great hope and joy when I see your daily pictures, you have a beautiful family. Thank You for all of your great pictures.

  • Glad you all had wonderful holidays and that everyone is doing well.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! Your pics and stories always brighten my day. Your family is absolutely precious and represents the thing I long for the most! It gives me hope and something to strive for. May God continue to bless y’all!! –
    Megan ~ TEXAS

  • those beach images are stunning. great job!
    loved hearing about your holidays. thanks for sharing.

  • LOVE the pic of Theo at the counter. TOO CUTE!

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. I began reading your blog after Theo and Beau’s rituals captured my heart on Instagram. I appreciate your warmth and sincerity in your day to day life. How you manage to raise 3 young kids, a dog, your work, your home and still look so put together and happy is an inspiration to me as a working mom with young ones. The stories and photos you share often help to make my world slow down a little bit and focus in on what matters most. Thank you for that.

  • My 2yo and I look forward to your daily Instagram photos with Theo and Beau. My son has decided he wants to adopt Theo, though. I’m not sure any other dog will do πŸ˜‰ Looks like we will be visiting the animal rescue soon to find out.

  • Dear Jessica,

    My sister and I live in Hawaii and we balance the challenges of working full time and being caregivers at home, she with her teenage daughter and both of us with our elderly mom. We’ve been following you on Instagram the past 2 months and every evening without fail one of us asks the other (with a huge smile) “Did you see today’s Theo and Beau picture?” Thank you for sharing all of the adorable-ness of your family with us!

  • So happy to read your updated post! Your life is so fulfilled and joyous. It’s a great inspiration to us all. Your story makes me very excited to start a family of my own one day. You rock motherhood! May God continue to bless you in 2014.

  • Oh my goodness these photos! Love them. I have to say life is pretty great on the west coast! πŸ™‚


  • i just adore reading your life on the coast. and how quickly it has become home for you all. XO

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