Sweet, Simple and Organic: Gifting with Apple Park

Perhaps it’s the number of years that I’ve been parenting, or maybe it’s the number of children that I have that have ultimately made me increasingly more opinionated across the board. I suspect that this is something that comes with age as well, and I am embracing it with the fervor of the buying power that I have as a consumer to make responsible decisions.

I care a whole lot about the food I bring into the house, the cleaning products I use, and the never ending cascade of STUFF that makes it’s way into our home via three children. Most of that decision making doesn’t really matter much to my kids, but I’m more comfortable and willing to spend money on things and brands that share in my general philosophy surrounding health, sustainability, philanthropy and education. It feels good to make heartfelt opinions about those things and then applying those decisions in the daily and often mundane tasks of running errands. For me, buying organic when possible and avoiding anything potentially unhealthy (whether it be in processed foods or plastic cups) are the easy, basic filters that my brain goes through when shopping.

Food shopping has gotten easier in that respect, as I know where to shop and what to buy (and not buy), but when it comes to toys and other things for my kids, the lines become a bit more blurred. Especially during holidays, I am more and more interested in only buying things that are made with quality and care.

Holidays tend to be those times when I splurge and allow my children more junk food than they’re used to. From candy canes to sweet candy hearts to chocolate covered eggs, I’m often likely to play right into the fun that is marketed all around us and allow small indulgences like these. I love holidays and I tend to go all out, and this Easter the stuffed eggs that they are going to be hunting for are full of toys instead of junk food and the kid’s baskets will contain products that are both educational and are environmentally responsible and friendly. Of course there’ll be sweets involved as well, but they’ll get so much more out of the baskets this way and I can avoid my self-imposed guilt.

Apple Park is the most lovely company. Not only do they make products for babies and toddlers that are safe and eco-friendly, but they’re also simply lovely, soft and timeless.

I added their adorably soft and sweet Picnic Pals to their baskets, as well as a few of their Apple Park Picnic Pals (eco-friendly!) board books.

(They come in those red boxes! I am completely smitten with their packaging)

For years I’ve admired Apple Park’s products, and their new line of backpacks and lunchsacks are fantastic. They’re made from 100% recycled bottles (24 recycled bottles per backpack to be exact), they’re also really cute, lightweight, and nicely sized-my kids went nuts for them; Beau even wore his to dinner the other night.

photo 1

We even got to prepare a special kind of basket for our new baby, whom we are expecting in September. I love love love preparing for new babies… Even bringing out the bassinet and filling it with new, soft and lovely baby things brought tears to my eyes.

Featured: Bunny Stroller Buddy Blanket, Duckie Picnic Pal Puppet Blanket, Pirate Pig Organic Farm Buddies, Woodland Mushroom Rattles, Fawn Blankie Gift Crate and the Bee Stroller Toy.

Parenthood has taught me so much about what it is to be actually passionate about life and the environment that I choose to not only create for myself but most importantly for my family. As a mother, it’s a basic level of comfort and trust that I strive for when making decisions for the products and traditions that I bring into our lives. I have so much fun with holidays and new beginnings, and the more often I do them I look for opportunities to improve. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with our new Apple Park finds, both for my own family and a very easy go-to for any and all child gifting needs (did I mention their packaging?)

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Featured: Zoe’s Picnic Pal Backpack, Monkey Organic Pajamas, and Organic Cotton Cubby Bath Wrap.

This post was sponsored by Apple Park. All opinions are my own.

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  • I have not heard of this company before. I’m excited to check it out!

  • I must say that I love your blog, and I, too, greatly enjoy a company that believes in the importance of using natural elements in their products. Thank you for introducing me toward Apple Park. I just ordered Penny the Pig for my little babe’s Easter basket and cannot wait for it to arrive! Best wishes to you and yours!

  • Those baskets are so sweet. May I ask where you got them?

    • The baskets and inserts are from Pottery Barn! and I think they’re on sale right now πŸ™‚

  • Wow, how beautiful! Will go buy a backpack for my daughter right now they are just that cute!

  • Adorable products! Also, I love the personalized Easter baskets! Where did you find those? πŸ™‚

  • Love the products and love the posts. Even though I only have fur babies, I too care deeply about what I use and what I bring into my house. I support Beagle Freedom Project (who rescued beagles and others from lab testing) and they’ve helped me go all cruelty free and organic in the process.

    Thanks for introducing another great product to us all.

  • Jessica, I have never heard of Apple Park but will surly check it out as I have a new grandson.

  • Dear Jessica,

    I love your blog and I love this post as it really reflects my philosophy: if we all take responsible consumer decisions and do not support all the crab out there, we can altogehter transform the world. Great brand you present as well!
    I started to blog recently in Spanish and English to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable family lifestyle and inform about organic versus conventional stuff (textiles, food, toys etc etc.). Perhpas you like to check it out http://www.babyecochic.com. Wish you all the best to you and your gorgeous family, miriam

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