An Unforgettable Weekend: Mom 2.0 Summit and the Iris Awards

It’s day three after I’ve returned from the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, a conference that I make sure to attend every year and one that I’ve been lucky enough to speak at the last three times I’ve gone. It’s organized by the truly inspirational and amazing Laura Mayes and Carrie Pacini, and attended by a group of bloggers, entrepreneurs, brands, social media influencers and those interested in gaining a little footing in this space. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I began reading the blogs of other mothers who were telling stories stories an sharing their talents in writing and photography-I was and still am incredibly inspired on so many different levels by these women and men, so much so that I dare say they changed my life.

It’s day three in reality and yet my head is still in the clouds.

I was given the opportunity to share the story in a keynote speech about my photos of Theo and Beau going viral and how it’s changed my life as a parent, a blogger, a writer, photographer and storyteller. Public speaking isn’t really my thing, but this is something I am more than excited about, especial when I was able to share Anna Mayer’s video of Theo and Beau for the first time.

photo 3

I was mic’d for the Today Show just prior to taking the stage, as they were doing a segment on bloggers and the conference and requested a sit-down interview to share my thoughts on being influential in this space.

photo 3
photo 4

You can see the full clip here:

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The next morning we spent a full day at the conference before preparing for the first ever Mom 2.0 Iris Awards, where I found myself dumbfounded to be nominated by this amazing community in four different categories: Best Photography, Breakout of the Year, Best Sponsored Content, and Web Personality of the Year. Not only to have been nominated, but I can hardly explain how it felt to see my name next to the other nominees-truly some of the women I respect the most.

I won two Iris Awards that night for Breakout of the Year (my Instagram account) and Web Personality of the Year (Theo and Beau).

photo 1

Five years after I dipped my own toes into the blogging waters, I’ve found myself in a truly incredible place; standing shoulder to shoulder on stage with some of the people that I truly admire, while being recognized for making a difference in this community. There have been very few words to describe how I feel, but tears have certainly and swiftly taken their place.

photo 5

HLN Clip of Iris Awards via Rage Against the Minivan

While I do think that there is so much of my story that I have yet to share-much of it that doesn’t have anything to do with Theo and Beau-I’m incredibly humbled and honored to have been recognized by my most esteemed peers and friends.

photo 2
Roo Ciambriello of Neon Fresh and Titania Jordan
photo 1
Cara Braude (my agent extraordinairre!) and Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts
photo 2
With Isabel Kallman of Alpha Mom

The way this community supports each other in all different ways is remarkable, and I’m so incredibly grateful to be apart of it.

Please find a full list of the Iris Award winners over at Cool Mom Picks!

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  • oh jessica, you are just so stunning in so many ways. i LOVE reading about your awards, because, you deserve them– you have worked so hard, yet stayed humble through all the recognitions. i’m so glad i get to follow along on your story, your beautiful story you are sharing with the world. XO

  • Couldn’t be happier for you or more proud. I know how hard you’ve worked for this, and it’s been magical watching your transformation from your early days in NYC as a pregnant blogger starting out to…well, a pregnant blogger who’s not so starting out.

    Congrats Jess!

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Congrats on all these great accomplishments 🙂

  • I can’t stop thinking about the ice cream. That is all.

    Just kidding, there are like a million things I want to say and yet can’t all at the same time so I LOVE YOU AND CONGRATS and this weekend was awesome and all the good things because yay!!! xo

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