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Thank you to CAbi for sponsoring the following post. You can view their new St. Barth’s collection here.

There was more than one occasion when I found myself home with Jack and Zoe as babies in our teeny little New York City apartment, wondering how I could possibly make a living without actually having to leave them. I considered crafting products and selling them, and even attempted marketing for a baby products company, cold-calling small businesses in hopes of placing the products in their stores. I found myself not only lonely, but the process to be unsuccessful and ultimately disappointing.

I spent a lot of time at their play groups simply to have the adult interaction and social component with other mothers, and I quite honestly think that it saved me in so many ways. I’m naturally a pretty social person-I thrive on personal interactions and love getting to know people. I suppose it’s likely the Gemini in me, to be a social butterfly, but I gain so much from human interactions and friendships, and I know that it was those traits that helped me succeed in my former workplaces.

CAbi is one of those brands that has found a way to not only tap into the social circles that women naturally gravitate to but that also offer a way for women to earn an income through their consultant-based selling model. I certainly don’t have the time to be clothing shopping either physically or online, but I would absolutely attend a party thrown by a friend that was selling nice clothing at the same time-seems like a win all the way around. I’m able to not only enjoy the time and conversation with my girlfriends, but I can support a friend who is a CAbi consultant and come home with a couple of lovely pieces at the same time. With approximately 3,500 CAbi Consultants spread across all 50 states, CAbi Girls have the best of both worlds while earning up to 33% commission. They also contribute in a real and impactful way to The Heart of CAbi Foundation. From distributing clothing to U.S. communities affected by natural disasters and empowering women entrepreneurs to work their way out of poverty, to funding aftercare centers for girls rescued from sex trafficking, CAbi has donated over $37 million in clothing and financial contributions to help women in need.


There are especially some really lovely pieces in CAbi by Carol Anderson‘s St. Barths collection, and while I’m personally limited in what I can buy from non-maternity, I would much rather invest in pieces that I can wear post-partum as well.

From top photo: Nantucket Sweater, Chelsea Topper, and Everly Blazer. Cute boy, Beau.

I have more than a couple of family members that rely heavily on finding their staples and statement pieces from CAbi and their CAbi Girl friends-and these are the family members whose tags I’m constantly checking! It’s a fun way to bring community together while supporting a friend or family member and her business.

This post was sponsored by CAbi. If you’re interested in learning more about being a CAbi consulatnt, click here.

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  • I love CAbi also! the concept is great for both the stylists & the hostess and most of all the girlfriends to shop & have a girls night out that is fabulous!

    Can not wait for my order from the St Bart’s collection!!

  • We need to meet at the Scoop in Denver! Hugs!!!

  • I just went into CAbi for the first time last week (there’s an outlet near Portland) – Such a great collection!


  • I’m a freshman CAbi consultant and love that I chose CAbi! I read many blogs like this before making my decision to become a CAbi girl.

  • I love your shoes in the look with the Everly blazer. Please share brand? Love!

    • Thank you Katie! They’re new from Sam Edelman.

  • I have a friend who hosts these parties often. All of my teacher-friends absolutely love this line.

  • I love the CAbi stuff I have! We’re fortunate to have an outlet that isn’t too far from home so I can stock up without spending a ton of dough. 😉

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