Finding My Moments of Zen + a $500 Belabumbum Giveaway

I think I’ve finally figured out the formula for the reason behind why children grow so quickly. It’s actually pretty simple, which surprises me the most about why I have been so completely baffled at the rate that my children are changing and getting older, bigger, wiser.

Our days are jam packed. Something happened when Jack and Zoe made the shift to Elementary School; It’s as though their calendars decided that it was time to completely fill up with play dates, sports and other activities. That means that my days are also very, very busy. We wake up and it’s immediately off to the races. There are lunches to be packed, breakfast to be made, two pets to be fed, three children to clean up and dress, and of course somehow manage to pull myself together a bit all before 8:00 am, every single morning for five days a week.

In between the rushing, there is startling beauty however. Like when Jack offers to help get Beau dressed, or when Zoe spends most of her time drawing and making picture books, or when Beau rides his bike around the kitchen island forty times until he can actually pick both feet off of the floor at the same time.


My heart pauses and begins to break, knowing that I have to push through each one of these moments to get to the next task in order to get them to school, in order for them to learn to succeed, to grow. In those moments, they are growing up and I am rushing past it and before I know it, Saturday has come around again, and Christmas, and their birthdays.

So, I pick them up after school and instead of rushing them home to start their homework, or watch as they bolt out the front door to play with their friends, I take them for ice cream or smoothies or some other outing where I can keep them all together. We’ll sit with each other and I can learn and listen about their days and their friends before we go back home and the night time routine begins and parenthood continues on in it’s incredibly lovely, bittersweet way.


And then, just like that they are sleeping and I’m back to just being me, well, me plus this sweet little being growing within. Justin and I generally dissolve deeply into the cushions of our couch together after the bed time routine, though not before I am able to change out of my daily ruckus clothes and into something much more comfortable. It almost feels like I’m spoiling myself with how dreamy these Belabumbum loungewear pieces are.


It’s just as important to care for myself and my stress levels, especially right now, and making the conscious effort to change into cozy wear only reinforces my effort to make that mental shift from routine to rest and rejuvenation. I happen to think this is incredibly important for every single human; Men and women and parents and children.

This is actually something I’ve learned from being pregnant with my fourth baby, that it feels better to me to have designated pieces for resting and sleep time rather than day sweats and old t-shirts (as per my formal usual).


Belabumbum lingerie and lounge wear can be nursing and maternity, either or neither of each of those; They have options for all. It’s all so soft and lovely, and with a brand new baby it’s even that much more comfortable and convenient… While I gave my old Belabumbum pieces to a dear friend with a new baby, I remember using and loving each piece in those first months after Beau was born.

Photos by Alex Solmssen

While I can’t slow down our daily routines or the rates at which they’re growing, I have found ways of suspending mere moments in time with my children. Even though I know my life and daily routine will not only change drastically when our fourth baby is born in several months, I absolutely cannot wait to experience all of the beauty and life and challenges that come with a brand new human.

I’ll be sure to respect my time to rest in the most comfortable and pampering way possible in my Belabumbum jammies.

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Thank you to Belabumbum for sponsoring this post and gorgeously facilitating my dearly cherished rest time.

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  • There is something so relaxing about changing into those nighttime “jammies” or whatever they may be. Even though I’m in leggings and t-shirts pretty much everyday (ok, literally everyday), I still feel that extra sense of unwinding at the end of a long day wrangling 4 kids when I can wash my face, and slip into something extra comfy. Sad I’m not pregnant again (and may never be, sob), because I’d love to win these beautiful clothes!

  • Love this brand πŸ™‚
    You’re right, because our days are so busy and jam packed, they do seem to grow up at lightning speeds! We homeschool our kids, and I love the luxury of a lot more time spent with them – but even though we live on our own schedule and school revolves around our life (not the other way around), it’s still packed and we’re constantly doing, going, rushing. I also find it absolutely necessary to allow for some time of just BEING. Without having to rush somewhere. Just to enjoy each other’s company and breathe in their adorable cuteness, the way they talk, they way they are changing so fast! πŸ™‚

  • I am 6 months pregnant and would love to win this! Wearing clothing at night designed for a growing body are so much more comfortable!

  • You look beautiful as always! Somehow I discovered that I wasn’t already following you on pinterest, not sure how that’s possible but I’m glad its remedied now and I sure hope I win!

  • Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Jessica,

    What balance bike is that that Beau is on? We would like to get one for our son, Killian, who will be 2 in July. I know it was discussed on the Instagram thread but sometimes it’s hard to find the info again with all the comments! Thanks in advance!

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