The Land of Nod rolls into our Mailbox and our Neighborhood

Some of you may have noticed in your mail delivery today a sweet little visit from out sweet little napping duo, Theo and Beau.

A couple of months back, during the Land of Nod & Project Nursery re-design of the boy’s room the awesome team over at the Land of Nod asked me to shoot a couple of their monthly catalog covers. Color me completely gob-smacked. What an absolute honor and high point of my career! Their products are wonderful and their vision is so much fun.

I’m officially presenting the Land of Nod May catalog cover, graced by Theo and Beau:


and a couple of bonus outtakes:


We’ve had the best time working with them. Their tour bus even made at stop at our home with treats and toys for our friends and neighborhood.


They brought the neatest Photo Booth, and everyone that took photos had a copy emailed directly to them.


Pretty sure we’ve won over our neighbors at this point. Thank you Land of Nod and your lovely representatives!


…even Charlie got in on the fun. She was thrilled someone brought a teepee just for her.


Fun was had by all, and I’m so thrilled and completely honored to have had the opportunity to shoot a photo for their catalog cover. I’ll need to make some wall space for this one.

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  • So, so awesome! I love Land of Nod. The cover looks beautiful. And the tour pitstop sounds like it was a lot of fun. Congrats!

  • So fun! I was on my way to work this morning and looked over at a mail truck next to me and saw Theo and Beau’s photo leaning against the window in one of the bins – I couldn’t figure it out – but now I understand!

  • i just got mine yesterday and i was SO excited when I saw it in the mail. i ran right over to my hubs and was like, “LOOK! LOOK!! It’s momma gone city and her sweet son and doggie!!” Oh, i just LOVE that they made the cover. i could look at theo and beau pics all day long. they make me smile SO big. yay and congrats for being in land of nod!! :):)

  • It’s gorgeous! What a picture.

    We got our Land of Nod catalog yesterday and I stared at it for a second, thinking, “Wait a minute…?” And for a split second, I couldn’t figure out why I knew that boy and that dog. Then it hit me. πŸ˜‰ Seeing them in print threw me off, for sure!

  • I think I need to become your neighbor πŸ™‚

  • I just got my Land of Nod catalog yesterday. I had seen Theo and Beau online before, and was pleasantly surprised to see them on the cover of Land of Nod. I tore off the cover and pinned it to my bulletin board in my office. So cute! I just want to nuzzle Theo’s velvety snout. My own pup also enjoys sleeping on my Land of Nod duvet cover.

  • I’m in Salinas, and have been hoping the bus would come to our area (Monterey). Hopefully they will come back!

  • Oh, what a fun opportunity! I absolutely adore Land of Nod!! Both of my kid’s rooms have several pieces from them.

  • That’s so awesome. I did my six year old’s science bedroom mostly with their stuff last year- where else would one find a chemistry beaker pillow?:) So happy to see your sweet boys on the front!

  • I have LOVED following your journey on Instagram, and we have a lot of mutual friends who post and re-post all of the great things that are happening for you in the past year. When you were on TV a few months back, my mom called to ask me if I knew you – because everyone who writes for HuffPost knows each other, right? πŸ™‚
    Best wishes! You have earned this sparkling moment.

  • Hi Jessica! Theo and Beau & family..
    Just wanted to share how much you have inspired me to create a special bond between our 3 month old beagle retriever and my 1 year old son. As so my 3 year old is allergic to dogs we have had a shipoo for 4 years now and he needs monthly shots and he’s fine it doesn’t bother him at all. Seeing Theo made me want to create that bond with Aiden my 1 year old. On fathers day my husbands gift was Hunter our Beagle Retriever and ever since the first day Hunter and Aiden are best buds. And its all because of the influence and inspiration from you guys.
    Thank you love the Mendez Family!

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