Preparing our Natural Nursery with Honest

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I got into the car yesterday after swim lessons, knowing we had a 45-minute drive ahead of us and I somehow misplaced the diapers. Beau is slowly learning to use the toilet, but he really isn’t there yet and is certainly not comfortable enough to sleep without a diaper on. I lined his car seat with a towel, hopped in the driver’s seat, and hoped for the best. Three minutes into our drive home, he was asleep. Two minutes later I realized that along with my first aid kit, bottles of water, and all natural sanitizing wipes in my center console were three emergency diapers. Five minutes after that we hit dead-stopped traffic, and I knew that there would be a significant mess to clean once we got home.

This incredible chain of events gave me a ton of thought fodder for our nearly two-hour drive home: Did I forget the diapers and the spare set because I’m pregnant? Am I trying to do too much? How exactly am I going to wake him from his nap and clean the brand new car seat in our brand new car? How long, consecutively, have I been diapering children and am I even ready for another one?

I got stuck on that last one when I realized that I have actually been diapering children for seven and a half years straight, and will continue to for the next two and a half to three. That’s nearly 10 years of diapers. When Justin and I started our family, we heavily researched disposable versus cloth diapering, and we tried various things throughout Jack and Zoe’s first years. By the time Beau was born, The Honest Company just launched and I was thrilled to be presented with an all-natural, eco-friendly option that I could truly, ahem, get behind. So when these newborn sized diapers arrived from Honest this week, I was more than a little excited. I feel good to move forward with this diapering option for our newest babe coming in September.

Soooo teeny!! Every time this just baffles me.

Just like the other three, we don’t have a room set aside for our new baby, so prepping the “nursery” means stocking up on the products that I rely on for this beautiful and amazing stage in our lives. The baby will likely sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first several months, and after that we’ll re-examine our room layouts for all kids.

I’m 28 weeks right now, and we’re already stocking up: Onesies, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, toys, bath products, cleaning supplies. The Honest Company has a really great hand sanitizing gel that is free of chemicals and will be great to have right next to the diaper changing station. We’ll likely keep bottles of it several other places too, so that the big kids can get used to using it when they want to hold their new brother or sister. Particularly excited to use the organic baby powder (not just for the baby even, we’re using so much of it at the beach lately to keep the sand from sticking! It’s such an awesome trick), and the diaper rash cream. We had great success with the healing balm with Beau, but something with zinc oxide will be most welcome in our new baby product arsenal.


Beau’s already discovered the sweet little wooden toys — something I suspected would happen sooner or later. Theo’s right on that bandwagon too. I suppose that’s the thrill that comes with being a fourth baby?


Even though this is not the first time we’re having a baby, the products available to new parents have changed so much even in the time since I became one, seven and a half years ago. I feel more comfortable with not only my experience as a parent but my knowledge about products and their availability. It really helps having a resource like The Honest Company, whose products I trust with all of my children but also in a subscription-based model that I can expect a delivery without having to actually place the order. If I forget one diaper on one swim day, the likelihood of forgetting an entire order or store excursion with four children is almost a definite.

I can’t wait to welcome our sweet little bundle into our chaotic, love-filled lives.

Instagram Takeover!

I’m couldn’t be happier to announce that I’ll be posting this weekend on The Honest Company’s Instagram page! Head over and check out our adventures on their awesome channel, too!

Momma’s Gone City readers can sign up for a free trial and try the home products + diapers on for size for the cost of shipping. Or you can us the code MGC25 for 25% off your first order. The coupon is valid for U.S. and Canadian residents. Applies to first-time orders only. One per customer. Expires July 6, 2014.

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  • Congrats! I hope it’s a girl!

  • I love the sounds of these products. I am sorry that I did not use them for my first granddaughter but I will definitely use them with my future grandchildren.
    It is so easy to relate to how much things have changed in 5 1/2 years with the availability of such wonderful products for children. After 29 years without a baby in our midst it is great to have your blog to keep me up on news from the Honest Company.

  • Those little diapers make me want a 4th…. gah… WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!!


    ps. letter to my girls just in case.

  • I have heard nothing but great things about Honest and can’t wait to try their products out.

  • I am not sure what to think…since in a lot of your posts your a Honest Company devotee but then in your newest posts your an Earths Best devotee.

    A little confusing…I like both brands and I am not given free products to say that.

    • I like both brands, and we use a ton of the Honest Company’s products. Products that I have and will pay for, which is why I partner with them.

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