Routine: The Little Things Count

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Parental duties between Justin and I are pretty evenly split-of course, that’s debatable depending on who you talk to. To me though, it’s felt more equal since we’ve moved to California and Justin has assumed a more relaxed schedule while mine has gotten more impacted. We teeter-totter all week cooking, cleaning, and making sure to split and attend to an individual child’s needs as they come up and there seems to be a pretty smooth transition in between. I feel incredibly fortunate that my children have a father that is as involved and engaged with them as he is, and that I have a partner in parenting.

Of course, there are things that we’ve sort of delegated to one another since the onset of parenthood because it just works in our individual favors: I primarily prefer to cook and deep clean, Justin likes to vacuum and do general clutter organization.

I like to wash and fold the laundry, he prefers to organize and put it away. I’m the coffee drinker, he really just isn’t into it.

Divide and conquer: It’s the only way in a household with a pregnant wife, three children, one dog-human and one oblivious cat.

In the hectic mornings before school and work, efficiency is everything: I prepare the breakfasts, he packs the lunches, we defer to one another on who will feed the pets and do carpool. An easy, fuss-free part of our morning that we both appreciate is our Keurig Elite. I can make my coffee and he can prepare whatever he feels like that day (hot chocolate or tea). It’s quick, easy to brew, minimal clean-up and commitment free: Plus there are even options for the kids if they want a special treat like apple cider or lemonade.


There aren’t too many times when we don’t find ourselves busy with something: Swim lessons, baseball, soccer, school… There are lots of times that we have to choose how to do each thing separately now that the kids are getting older and involved in their own activities. That leaves tons of room for confusion and the need for communication, so the little things that make decisions easy are very much welcomed.


Justin is about as involved as a parent as you can get, and he goes above and beyond for the kids every single day. He’s also involved as a partner in the household, and even those things can get challenging (anyone who is living with a domestic partner knows that) but when there is one easy, reliable constant that makes life sweeter and easier, I am most appreciative. I can’t wait to celebrate him this Sunday on Father’s Day.

We all are.

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  • My parents gifted us a Keurig two Christmases ago now & it is HANDS DOWN my favorite thing in the kitchen. I drink one to two cups of coffee a day – not enough to bother with a pot, so the keurig is my go to!

  • Hi Jessica! I didn’t know Keurig has lemonade options!! How great! Now I really want one 🙂 I’d love to know what brand cup Beau is sipping from? It looks great, too! Thanks xo

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