5 Reasons To Take A Babymoon Vacation

My husband and I are currently in Turks & Caicos celebrating our babymoon, which is actually our very first vacation as a married couple, just the two of us. For various reasons involving circumstance and finances, we just haven’t been able to get away. I mean, we went on maybe a handful of date nights last year alone, so making time and budget for an actual vacation was a long shot at best. While I knew that making my relationship with Justin was absolutely a priority, the logistics just became too dominating to do much else other than continue along the tracks like a freight train.


I try not to regret decisions made in the past, it doesn’t feel healthy or productive. I do, however, wish that we would have invested a bit more into our marriage when possible in the past almost nine years we’ve been together. My friend Christine referred to couple’s vacations as “marriage insurance” and I couldn’t agree more, now that I’ve had a little taste of what spending uncompromised time with my husband is like.

We’re learning to communicate again without any interruptions, and even speaking in complete thoughts and full sentences. We’re beginning to see the light again and it feels as though a thousand angels are singing.



Throughout this process I’ve found clarity on a few things, mainly that everyone needs to make time and put the effort into some type of getaways with the person you love. It’s important, especially when you have children. Babymoons, while I’ve never personally partaken until now, are wonderful-and I know that most people take them while pregnant with their first child, it’s even more incredible if you have kids at home, too. So I’ve made a little list of why everyone should take a babymoon vacation at least once:

1. Preserve these pre-baby moments. Your life is about to change-There is no guarantee that you’ll get a chance to take one again any time soon (after the baby is born). Babysitting rates are enormous and so is the guilt.

2. Nesting is exhausting. Remove your body and mind from the pressures of every day life and you will feel better exponentially. Perspective is everything.

3. Your relationship deserves it. Trust me. Maintaining the bond that you have with your partner is crucial to mental wellness and resilience through the challenges of bringing new babies home.

4. Give your brain a rolodex of happy memories. I am bankrolling my moments here in Turks & Caicos for those sleepless nights when all can see is the dark of night, and all I hear is fussing.

5. You deserve it. Pregnancy is hard on the body and mind, and there is no time like the present to pamper yourself. Focus on your needs only now while you can.

While I’ll admit that it took awhile to get used to relaxing all day-and being generally ok with that-I feel like I’m doing myself, my relationship, my children and our new baby such a favor. I’m reigning in the focus even for a few days, and the perspective it’s given me has been truly awesome. Instead of dreading the day we leave, I absolutely cannot wait to get home and squeeze all of our babies. We are refreshed and happy and whole, and ready for our world to change in September.

We’ve been traveling with JetBlue almost exclusively since moving to NYC. We are thrilled to have experienced a vacation in Turks & Caicos through JetBlue Getaways and can’t wait to take the kids next time.

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  • BABYMOON…. That’ wonderful!!!
    Thank you for your lovely idea; my son is 4 and since he was born I only have time for him, work and keep the house.
    I think now it’s time for babymoon, just me and my husband…
    thank you again!!!
    Happy Greetings from… ITALY!!!

  • While I miss the Theo & Beau pics, the pictures of you and your hubby make me smile too! Knowing that the move from NYC, the newfound success, and the upcoming baby have been tremendous joys/stressers on you, it is wonderful to see the bliss on your faces.

  • My husband and I just took our babymoon too! We’re due in September also (first baby)! I absolutely love that you and your husband are getting in some quality time, that’s just the 2 of you! Thank you for voicing how important it is that your relationship with your significant other is happy and healthy, especially when your world is about to change!

  • We were looking into going to Turks and Caicos! Which resort did you stay at and did you like about it??

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