Celebrating Zoe

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It’s really wild having two daughters. I still haven’t wrapped my head around it quite yet, but between me, Zoe, my mom and my sister-we are very, very excited! So much girl time to be had. That said, it’s been so special having Zoe as our only girl for the past six years. We’ve done all kinds of things, just the two of us, from special dates to the nail salon to tea parties at our favorite restaurant, Alice’s Tea Cup-our memories there together are some of my favorite.


Now that we’re expanding our hearts and our lives to include Evangeline, I’m focusing on how I can best give proper, individual attention to Jack, Zoe and Beau. It hasn’t been easy. Zoe and my sister’s birthdays happen to fall within weeks of Evvie’s, so I felt it only made sense to throw them both a little family style girl’s celebration, complete with tons of pink-Hello Kitty style. My first outing with the baby and I took her to Target to find all of the supplies. It was such a reprieve for me to be able to get out of the house and do something productive with the baby in tow. I keep forgetting how this time with a newborn is so lovely, but also so isolating at the same time.


So, to Target I went with my newest daughter sleeping soundly in her car seat, and it was glorious. I was able to park, snag a hot Starbucks decaf cappuccino and sip it, while still hot (!!!), throughout my shopping trip. It was one of the best personal days I’ve had since Evvie was born, a close second to my first hot shower. This is one thing about living in the suburbs that I will always be grateful for-driving my very own car to Target and stocking up on tons of things we need (and tons that we don’t need but must have anyway). It was nearly impossible to take a cab to Harlem when we lived in Manhattan, but I managed to do it anyway… One thing I definitely don’t miss about city life. I’ll take my own personal time when I can get it, and that means slotting my own self in with the kids for that crucial one-on-one time… Which still completely counts with a sleepy newborn.

Especially proud of myself in my sweats with a kale smoothie en route to Target

I stocked up on plenty of art supplies, as usual, as well as all kinds of accessories for this fun little Hello Kitty gig I have planned for Zoe and Brianna’s special day, even if it will be just some family in attendance. A cozy celebration is a celebration, and I know that Zoe will be more than thrilled to party in her honor. She’ll really appreciate having a very girly theme, especially because even though we always try to keep things gender neutral, she is as feminine as they come and completely appreciates anything and everything pink and pretty. I can’t wait to celebrate her, just for being who she is.


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  • Love this post and happy birthday Zoe. That being said in the first paragraph you say she has been the only girl for 2 1/2 years. Hasn’t she been the only girl for six years? You could be tired writing this or I could be tired reading this or both 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing your family and story with all of us. I was wondering how Zoe was managing, especially since you mentioned she was so excited about the baby. Sometimes the expectation of the baby can be better than the reality of the baby. I am thrilled to hear that Zoe is allowed to express herself in a way that is happy and healthy for her.

    Blessings upon your house!

  • LOL. I was wondering the same thing about Zoe being the only girl for 2 1/2 years. I think it’s probably new mom brain. 🙂

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