Pour la Victoire: Maternity and Beyond

About a month ago, I was closing in on my ninth month of pregnancy and going through a range of emotions because of it. I was physically and emotionally maxed out in just about every way; My back hurt, my legs cramped, I was generally low on energy and slow to get around. Not to mention, nothing in my closet fit me very well at all (surprise! they still don’t). I really do love these last few weeks in so many ways despite all of it, and knowing that this is likely my last pregnancy has made me acutely aware of how lucky I am to have done this four times. That said, I’m really glad that I soaked up the last few moments and stockpiled mementos of that time in my life as I got ready for the birth of our daughter Evangeline.

Lots of these mementos include maternity gear. While I’m not a fan of maternity clothing, generally speaking, there are a few things that I invested in that I was really happy with. I love shopping and fashion so much that I feel maternity clothes are hard to invest in for such a short time. The truth is though, they do actually fit and flatter the pregnant body so much better than pieces that aren’t cut to accommodate an oversized tummy. It took me nearly 8 years and four pregnancies to realize that my fashion salvation lies in the details: Making sure to have the right accessories. Not only does it allow me to invest in nice things , but a rockin’ bag or pair of shoes can completely change the look of an outfit and most of them are versatile enough to wear for years rather than months. That’s why, when I was chosen to work with Pour la Victoire on their newest campaign, I was more than a little thrilled; Statement accessories are totally my jam and I couldn’t wait to play around with a few different looks, pregnant or not.


My first investment piece in my wardrobe was my leather purse. For almost a year I saved and drooled over this bag, and it was a huge deal when I went to purchase it. It felt like I had really earned it, and I’ve used it and cared for it almost every single day for the past year and a half since bringing it home. This is what I love about the Pour la Victoire pieces, they’re versatile and incredibly chic, as well as very well made and easy to carry and match with various different looks in my closet.

This particular campaign was so much fun to work on: I was able to get my city fix in by heading to San Francisco with my friend Cara (who also works with me and shot the video and photos) and checking out the neighborhoods around Chestnut Street where I used to live during college. It was nostalgic and yet completely fitting for this shoot, being pregnant and tapping into their exquisite landscape of painted ladies and eclectic streets. I even got to film an interview session and create a video that is now live on the Pour la Victoire website.


I’m really, really excited to share the video that we shot that day with you all… A labor of love and for me, a sweet memento from my pregnancy with sweet Evangeline. You can also view it here.

I already miss the days of being pregnant, but I’m really thrilled to have these photos and video-it’s so hard for me to get in front of the camera logistically, so these photos and this campaign opportunity was wonderful on many levels. A sweet token that will also be fun to share with my family and children, including Evangeline, of a fun time from a day in the life of their momma.

This post was sponsored by Pour la Victoire. Thank you for reading!

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