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Today is a bit of a hodgepodge of things that I’ve been wanting to yell from the rooftops about. Products that I have found on the internet and just absolutely love.

The first is a new one for me. The La Siesta baby hammock.


It keeps her snug and cozy, and responds to her movement in a very natural way. I think she loves it because it resembles the way that we hold and rock her. There are safety belts in the bed to keep her positioning stable (not pictured), though I don’t treat this as a normal bed. She naps during the day in it, when I’m in the room.

Candy Kirby Designs

The most adorable, bright and soft baby clothes. I’m all about supporting female entrepreneurs, and Erin has done such a remarkable job with her business. I love so much of what she makes. The gown, pants and baby blanket are Erin’s beautiful handiwork and I’m nearly obsessed.


Little Humans by Brandon Stanton

From the creative genius behind the Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton made a book all about the children he photographs in NYC. He’s been one of my favorite pages to follow, bringing all different forms of inspiration when he meets and interviews strangers on the streets of New York City, and my kids and I love his children’s book just as much.


Kiwi Crate

Zoe is the kind of child that would be happy crafting and drawing all day long. I find her making all kinds of things out of construction paper, glue and markers in every corner of our home, and even outside on the sidewalk on sunny days. Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that sends monthly crafts complete with all the supplies, and is the perfect thing for children like my daughter. This is the first craft we’ve received and she had a blast.


Finally, The Boxcar Children Bookshelf (The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Books 1-12)


Jack is an avid reader. The Boxcar Children is his first series, and he’s breezing through each book quickly and eagerly. Do you remember the first series you read as a child? I believe mine was The Babysitter’s Club. Moving on to the next book was incredibly exciting, and I see that in Jack. It is the neatest thing to watch develop.

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  • That’s so great that Jack is reading chapter books already outside of school! When he is ready for a new series, you might consider the Fudge books by Judy Blume and/or the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. If he’s hooked on the mystery genre, there’s also always Nancy Drew. The Hardy Boys are classics as well. I have also heard good things about the The Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne.

    • Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been looking for recommendations. These sound great and right up his alley.

  • I love these books! I remember reading them when I was a kid, and imagining I was a “boxcar” kid too. πŸ™‚ I’ve also read these to my students, and they never want me to put the book down.

  • I remember a series of books called “Encyclopedia Brown”, a child detective…I guess nowadays most kids wouldn’t even know what an encyclopedia is LOL I also loved Nancy Drew.

    Cheers, Lisa

  • Hammock is so adorable.
    I need to look into Boxcar set. My son loved Magic Tree House series. i think he read all the way up to #43. The series have also fact trackers which are nor stories but facts on subjects complementing the story series. My son read the one about ancient Rome before we went to Rome and he was more engaged during our trip.
    My daughter is into more “girly” chapter boosk such as Rainbow Fairies.
    What both my son and daughter agree on are Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton series. They are very colorful and so much fun.

  • She looks so cozy in that hammock! Wouldn’t that be lovely to curl up in on a rainy day? Maybe with a Boxcar book? Love.

  • I *loved* the Boxcar children as a kid! πŸ™‚

    My favorite series was “All of a Kind Family.” I think it was especially appealing to me as a only child, as it tells the story of a BIG family.

  • Oh, and of course the Little House series!

  • The Wayside School series by Louis Sachar is fantastic. I read them in 2nd grade and absolutely loved them! Quirky and fun

  • You should introduce the Harry Potter serie for Jack! He’ll love it and it’s great for his age! I started reading HP at his age and i can say that was AWESOME. It’s such a great story!

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