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This week seems to only be getting harder with little Beau and his separation emotional turmoil over baby Evvie joining our family, so I’ve been spending as much one-on-one time as I possibly can with him. That means having as many adults in our home as we can get at this point, and I’m just so thankful that we have family that are willing to come spend time with us while we transition. Even with preschool, the mornings are so tough that once it’s time for him to take his afternoon nap, we are both so drained and ready for the respite.

I didn’t think I could look forward to Theo and Beau’s naps any more than I already did, but the fact that he is there for Beau right now during this crazy difficult time brings so much peace to my heart. He is our therapy dog.

Theo and Beau #theoandbeau
Theo and Beau #theoandbeau
Theo and Beau #theoandbeau
Top: Tee, Kira Kids. Pants, Popupshop
Middle: Tee, Polarn o Pyret
Bottom: Tee, Shampoodle. Pants, Nununu

Baby girl is clocking in just barely at 10 pounds and I’m having a lot of fun getting her dressed in the morning. Her cheeks and baby rolls are just coming in and it’s amazing to watch her filling out, finding sleep patterns and becoming her own little being. We are having a blast with her, even Beau. While he struggles with his time with me, he adores Evangeline.

This Nuna Leaf baby seat is saving my days. It’s side to side swaying motion mimics being in our arms and she really loves it so much lately-and so do we.

Momma Loves
Pants, Candy Kirby Designs
Socks, Trumpette

I said I wouldn’t fall into the head wrap trend, but I caved and I caved hard. They are so cute though that I can’t help it. These ones by Little Hip Squeaks are soft and stretchy and cute as can be.

Momma Loves
Momma Loves
Head Wraps and blanket: Little Hip Squeaks

I’m very picky about footies and infant jammies. This one by Magnificent Baby is not only soft and bright, but it’s just a little bit stretchy and the fasteners are magnetic. The ease these pieces bring me during late night changes is unparalleled.

Momma Loves
Footie, Magnificent Baby

Finally, our family photos came back from a shoot that we did with my friend, the incredibly talented Ana Schecter. Seeing these moments captured through someone else’s lens made me so grateful that we had them professionally taken. I’ll share more about our fantastic experience with Ana, but I can’t recommend family photography enough. I am so thrilled with the photos from our session!

Momma Loves

Momma Loves isn’t sponsored, this is just a way for me to share things that are making my life a little bit easier or more enjoyable.

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  • Simply beautiful! In the event the doll and book that my sister and I created called SleeperHero could ALSO make you life easier I thought I would send a note and link to our site for the video. SleeperHero is a super powered, snuggly doll that comes with a bedtime storybook that helps children (and parents!) better manage their sleep routine. There is a video and more info on our website –

    Would love for you to check it out! And are happy to send a sample for your tots 🙂


    • I love this but is there a sleeper Heroine doll as well? I assume that one of the purposes of this Hero doll to help children discover the power they ultimately have to quell their fears themselves. I am a 50s era Baby Boomer (happily married, nothing against men) who has seen my nieces fight for a place in many traditionally male-dominated areas, especially the tech industries. I thought that battle would be won by the time my children came along – or their children. But change has been slow and too often they still get the message that men are the ones who have the power to save them, to change the world. They need to understand that there are not only male heroes but female ones as well. Perhaps the last image they see before sleep should not be that of a male Hero helping them to become braver or to keep them safe. Just throwing that out there as food for thought.

  • Saying a little prayer for Beau daily that this adjustment will HURRY UP…. it will pass, but it’s so hard on you all. Tee-o is just what the doctor ordered….

  • Hy Jessica.
    My name is Daniela and I read you site every day from Brasil. I live in a town called Curitiba.
    We are just entering summer now, the exact opposite of there for you.
    Starting to appear skirts and flowers everywhere.
    Just wanted to say how important is being for me to read your posts. I don’t have children yet, but your notes makes me feel a certainty that everything is going to be ok and that I can make it too, you know.
    Growing into a adult life is not being easy…but is being fun.
    Thank you for sharing you life with us!

  • Aww.. Evvie is so adorable. I hope that Beau gets adjusted soon. It’s big transition going from the baby of the family to an older brother.

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