Childhood Kaleidoscope

Evvie and I got home from Toronto late Saturday night after a long day of travel. I was emotionally and physically haggard, despite the wonderfully successful trip.

The sunrises over the ocean have been glorious since the beginning of fall, and we awoke Sunday morning to the promise of sunshine and 73 degrees. I needed to be with the kids and Justin because the travel, as much as I love what I’m doing, is hard. It’s hard on my bones and it’s harder on my mind, leaving and shifting our family orbit.

This season of chaos with four young children-it’s addicting. It drives me crazy most of the time but I cannot and would not live without it, either.

We are pass holders at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I felt when we purchased them that we’d surely burn out of going after a few months, but each time is just as much fun as the last. There are little discoveries each time we go, and there’s a new story to go along with them.


It’s a little bit hectic but it’s a lot entertaining. These kids have gone from playing on rubber matted, fenced in playgrounds in Manhattan to frolicking within their very own amusement park on the beach in California.


Their childhood smells like hot dogs and pretzels and sounds like a Katy Perry song.


I can’t imagine what nostalgia will be like for them, but to me it feels pretty fantastic already, like I’m peering down a kaleidoscope at their childhood.


It was perfect and exactly what I needed. Sunshine and corn dogs are a jet lag cure-all (you heard it here first).


Perfectly restored.

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  • I grew up going to the Boardwalk and have such fond memories! Your post brought them back… especially the merry-go-round rings. Just don’t forget the candy apples!

  • Loved this post (as I always do.) Really related with being addicted to the chaos of young ones. I have 3 and it only takes me a couple of hours to realize that it might be crazy… But it’s our crazy and it is the soundtrack of my heart. We are heading to the city for Thanksgiving, too. Very excited.

  • What a lovely post. I have many fond memories of the Boardwalk. I was just there a month ago with my daughter.

  • It is hard to believe winter has arrived elsewhere in the country. What a beautiful day in California! We recently moved to the SF Bay area from Colorado and this weather almost makes me think time has stopped.

  • These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Can I ask what camera you use?

  • Love love love these. So much fun!

  • Magnifique! Vos enfants sont splendides!

  • I grew up in Aptos, born/raised and never left! I have such fond memories of going down to the Boardwalk on Monday nights for 45 cent night, I feel so old now that its over a dollar per ride/ticket!
    The picture from the Beau/Theo nap on Sunday that you posted to instagram, I saw a glimpse of that bracelet and immediately thought “oh I hope they had a great day at the boardwalk, the weather was perfect for a fall day in the flats!”

  • i love your writing here and i love how you document the magic life of your kids! we live in SF and love santa cruz — what a great place to be. love following along on your blog after the magic of theo + beau!


  • The Boardwalk is crazy, chaotic, the meltingest of melting pots but there is something about it that is truly magical. I have a wonderful photograph of the area around the giant dipper i took when it was closed one March afternoon (it’s so unusual to see it devoid of people!) that I blew up, framed and hung on my dining room wall because a view of The Boardwalk always makes me smile. Your kids will never forget growing up there, i guarantee it.

  • Hi!

    Your photos are beautifully.

    May I know which camera brand/model are you using?

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