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Evvie and I got back late last night from a very quick and amazing trip to Toronto.

I had been anticipating this trip for a couple of weeks, Justin and I even went to San Francisco to order Evvie a rush passport just so we’d be able to travel together in time. I was fairly nervous about traveling with her being so young, but it was an important opportunity and leaving her at home was out of the question.

During the 48 hours or so that we were gone, she barely left my side. Even though we were traveling most of the time, it was a really nice bonding experience with her, time we hadn’t had since we were in the hospital together. One-on-one moments are hard to come by when there are six in a family vying for each other’s undivided attention.


Obviously, it’s not easy traveling with a baby, but we made it through security, customs, and onto our plane seamlessly. Kind of wild to think about this being my third trip out of the country within about a year on my first passport. I’m completely in awe of what has happened over the course of our lives in that amount of time, there’s really no other way to describe it.


I went on Canada AM on Friday morning to talk about Theo and Beau, our story as a family, going viral and our children’s book coming out in February. The serendipitous connection that Theo and Beau made and how they are a perfect example of the Cheerios Effect gave me lots to talk about, and did so over the course of our trip and several interviews with the media. Canadians are exceptionally kind, something that will always stick with me about this first trip to Toronto.


It was really nice having her there to keep me company, but it was even better coming home.


You can see our segment here: Puppy love: Toddler-and-dog’s naptime love story inspires new book

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  • just watched your segment on Ch. 9 Toronto on the Internet . You did a great job!! Can’t wait til Naptime with Theo and Beau is released in Feb. Thank you for sharing. You inspire.

  • I caught your Canada AM segment on line. The link popped up on one of my home pages. Great job. As I scroll through these pictures I notice that you are wearing a poppy. Thank you for that. It means a lot to us here in Canada.

  • Great job. Love the picture at the end of the children snuggling up to mom. They missed their mommy and I know she missed them.

  • Watched the clip — fantastic job!

  • You did an amazing job in the interview. Was lovely to see you speak and hear the voice behind the beautiful and loving mum. I sat here overwhelmed get again by the photos. The interviewer is so right – the photos are uplifting to see. They bing a tear of joy all the time and I am so very grateful to you for sharing your beautiful family. Congratulations again.

  • Can i ask where your and Beau’s bedding is from??

  • You are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the clip! I love the pic of Evvie on the bed! Glad you had a good trip and safe time!

  • Glad you enjoyed your trip to Toronto despite the somewhat unpleasant weather we had over those few days! Was lovely to see you on Canada AM that morning.

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