Sun, Sand, and Swim

Jack and Zoe were a little late in the game learning how to swim. We trekked in the snow to lessons at our local Y in NYC, and we tried personal lessons at our pool in the building complex where we lived. Swimming probably felt more like a chore to them rather than a really fun past time and activity because it wasn’t a part of our daily lifestyle. Regardless, it was and is an absolute necessity that our children learn to swim, but now that we live in an area where sunshine and the ocean are pretty much always accessible, we are outside all the time. We are swimming and active and loving every moment.


Living in California has so many perks. Especially having lived on the East Coast for as long as we did, we know exactly how fortunate we are to have sunshine and beautiful weather pretty much year round. Jack and Zoe became expert swimmers the summer we moved, and even Beau began to learn (thanks to my mother) at two years old. We began to always carry sunglasses, hats, swim goggles and sunscreen wherever we went. There’s even an “emergency bag” in our car filled with a towel, bottled water, a tube of sunscreen and four pairs of Babiators sunglasses for those times that I’m not exactly prepared for a beach or park trip and we decide to take one.



Swim goggles and caps were a definite hiccup in the journey to learning how to swim for Jack and Zoe. In NYC, caps were required in any pool and goggles are a must to protect their eyes from the chlorine-neither were fun or easy for any of us. Since our lifestyle has changed dramatically, I’ve learned what works best for us and what makes the process more easy and fun for the kids too. Babiators not only makes super cute, flexible and fully protective sunglasses for babies and toddlers, but they now even make them for kids up to age 14 with their new Aces brand. Their goggles come in a super cool submarine case, and are large, comfortable and rarely leak. Zoe will wear them for those reasons, but she especially appreciates the pretty pink color, I think. It was kind of crucial to find something that would work given our lifestyle, so I was thrilled there was an answer out there for us. Jack and Zoe think that they look cool and Beau will wear them because they are comfy and his older sibs are wearing them. I’ll even put a baby pair on Evvie when she tolerates them.


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Babiators is offering 25% off to all Momma’s Gone City readers, so if you want to snag some of these for your little ones just in time for spring, enter in the discount code MGC25. The discount expires on Feburary 25th at midnight.

We’ve made the full life crossover at this point. Justin just celebrated a birthday and I found him a longboard to start surfing with – one that we can teach Jack and Zoe on, too. We’ll be in the water and outside under the sun as much as possible, and while I’m thrilled about that I want to be sure that they are also protected. Obviously I don’t like exposing their eyes to the dangers of the UV lights or the chlorine, so when I can prevent it in a way that they like, I do. It’s an absolute joy to watch them growing in an area and element that suits their nature… Young, wild, and free.

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  • I just bought Babiators for my grandson! Wish I had waited for the offer!!

  • Always love reading your posts – they are helpful, informative, and written well. Just wondering, do you have a preferred sunscreen brand? We hope to take our son on his first beach trip when the weather warms up and I’ve been reading about the pros and cons of various brands. Curious if you had thoughts.

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