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This week has been just completely full to the brim with life STUFF happening right and left, up and down. Evangeline had her six month birthday and well-child visit at the doctor, which would have been eventful on its own but 6 students protesting turned our 10 minute drive home into a two hour traffic-and-carsickness induced vomit fun house. I’ve been fighting a very odd flu-like bug that hasn’t completely wiped me out, yet also hasn’t allowed me to function quite well and clearly. There are big-kid things happening with Jack and Zoe that I’m not prepared to address just yet, but here I am addressing them anyway because parenting. Evvie started solids, Zoe’s trapping leprechauns that don’t seem to show up until 4:30 AM when they remember and Beau is waking every morning at 5:30 begging to play cars and we do because he is a doll and I will always and forever miss him asking me to play. Tomorrow brings the close of the week and a potential road trip to Lake Tahoe for the kids’ first skiing lessons. This life is so full, so exhausting, so great. Sometimes I really wish I could just retreat to a very quiet place and read a book or three.

I can’t do that right now, but I can recommend a few that are on my list and a couple that the kids love, too.

First, some books for us grownups:

Fat Girl Walking

Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons comes out on June 2nd (my birthday!) and is currently available for pre-order. She is so hilarious, honest, and inspiring. I’ve been reading her blog, Brittany Herself for as long as I’ve known what blogging is at all and I couldn’t be happier or more excited for her book to release.


From raising four beautiful children to keeping up with my business, it’s hard to find time to focus on myself, which is why I am all about The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by super smart Jessica N. Turner. Taking notes and making time for me. 


After This is Claire Bidwell Smith’s latest book gracefully approaching the subject of our loved ones who have passed on. Her last book, The Rules of Inheritance, is a stunningly thought-provoking and well written novel and I couldn’t be more proud of her follow up to that masterpiece.


And now a few good reads for the littles!


A beautiful read by my friend Matthew Paul Turner, God Made Light. Matthew and I traveled to Guatemala a couple of years ago with World Vision, a trip that brought clarity to me on so many different levels, one of those being our relationship with God. This book is lovely and uplifting in a perfectly simple way for young minds and we really enjoyed it.


My son Jack is currently blowing through the entire Who Was? book series, which teaches children about famous historical figures. He can tell me incredible stories with details about Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth and Nelson Mandela and can’t wait to order his next few. They are perfect books for Jack’s age and I can’t wait until Zoe is ready for them, too.


More on our lives and current chaos continued tomorrow. Have a lovely evening, friends.

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  • Before I had my daughter Sophia, I used to read all the time.. I am an avid reader & have read many books in my lifetime, some were amazing..some, well not so much.
    If you ever have a moment, give Shantaram by Gregory Davis Roberts a try. I guarantee once you start reading, you will always find a minute to read because the book is simply impossible to put down.
    I always thought it was the “realest” book I have ever read in terms of human relationships as well as personal attitudes, views and perseverance in life. It’s very well written and incredibly easy to read & relate to (even though I never had similar experiences in my life).

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