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I still have the very first diaper bag I ever bought. I searched high and low for this very expensive bag before Jack was born and eventually found it accessibly priced on eBay. Being a new mother, I knew nothing about what “practical” would mean once I had my first baby, but I loved the way this bag looked and it seemed to have all the right compartments so I lept. It arrived a bit dilapidated and crumpled, but I filled it to the brim with diapers, clothes and blankets and took it to the hospital the day I went into labor with my first baby.

That was one of the last times I used that bag. While it served its purpose of holding stuff, its two wide handles never quite fit on my shoulder properly, certainly not with a baby in my arms at the same time. Multitasking with a child in tow was still a jarring and very real concept to me, and never did I realize that more than when we would leave the home. Things have changed quite a bit since that first traveling-with-tot scenario. Three babies later and I can honestly say that I simply don’t have the time or patience for things that don’t serve more than one purpose. I’ve run the gamut on diaper bags and other child-rearing essentials, and I am more than happy to report that the Lily Jade Madeline bag is a new and welcome addition to my traveling repertoire.

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Over the years, I have tried what feels like every thing and every option I could find for bringing the essentials needed to be out of the house successfully with children. There have been two different sized diapers at any given time, umpteen packages of wipes, changes of clothing, pacifiers, epi pens, inhalers and snacks of all kinds. I’ve gone from over packing with Jack and Zoe, to completely under packing while navigating Manhattan while Beau was an infant. I went through a phase where I rejected all bags specifically made for diapers, packing everything I needed into a “chic” and completely frustrating hot mess of a purse. There is a time and a place for minimalism, and unfortunately after two babies that concept is dust in the wind. Now that baby Evangeline is here, I feel quite confident in my packing ways. I absolutely need something that serves as many purposes as possible: It needs to be well made, easy to clean, look nice, and be completely functional. The job of a diaper bag is to make the caregiver’s life easier, and I will accept nothing less at this point. I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, but the Lily Jade bags meet that criteria and more. The leather is sturdy (and has little odor, which I like) and comes with a completely removable interior 16 pocket “baby bag”, plus each bag can be worn over the shoulder, or cross-body which are necessary options while shopping, pushing a stroller and/or baby wearing. The Madeline and Elizabeth styles come equipped to be worn as a backpack as well, an option that I’ve found myself utilizing more and more often as I need all of my arms for holding hands and babies.

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Comfort and practicality are top priorities in most every facet of my life lately (hello mid thirties!), but I’m not willing to sacrifice style for it. It’s a way of life and a part of my mentality that helps me feel motivated and confident when I can feel good while being able to parent my children at the same time. Success to me is trusting my instincts and being equipped to make the best decisions for our family and children. With kids we sometimes need an arsenal of tools within reach and I’m happy to say that I not only know which of those I need with me, but I know how to keep them close to me at all times, too.

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