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Two children in elementary school, one in preschool and one most often on my hip means we are constantly moving. My alarm sounds at 6 am, cooing that she is hungry and it’s time to wake up. Beau walks into our room dragging his toes and rubbing his eyes a few minutes later and Zoe is not far behind. Today we get to join Jack on a field trip, we get to drive a few of his peers to the museum after I squeeze in a conference call. Working from home is really wonderful in so many ways, but the fact that it allows me to be present for these things is definitely my favorite.

The ensuing moments of our morning is a flurry of flying bananas, socks, tooth brushes and backpacks. Justin and I tag team the school preparation routine and have it down to a near science: I make breakfast, he prepares their lunches, I take the girls, he delegates tasks to the boys.  In between the moments of changing diapers, combing hair and checking homework, I try to prepare myself for a day filled with meetings, museum wandering and dinner making. Having a wardrobe that is ready for literally skipping between a variety of situations is no easy feat, but if I have a solid pair of jeans, a pretty blouse and an awesome pair of shoes I’m good to go. Rockport is not a brand I might have gone to on my own, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found a pair of shoes that looks great and is comfortable to boot (pun intended).

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The museum was so much fun. Evvie watched as we experimented with bubble making and throwing balls into waterfalls. I hustled after 3 first graders to and from different exhibits while bouncing a baby and talking with other parents. It was and always is so awesome to see my children amongst their peers and within the classroom atmosphere. I was a bit overwhelmed at times with keeping up while entertaining Evvie, but we were all thoroughly happy and exhausted by the end of the trip. We made it home in time to pick Jack and Beau up from school and head home so that I could squeeze in a grocery run and another Skype/conference call. Wardrobe plays such a huge part in my psyche and how I operate, and I’ve learned how to dress in a way that it positively affects my attitude and confidence. I cannot, at 35 years old, wear a pair of shoes that wears me instead. They have to be comfortable or I will not be a happy and successful person, let alone a calm, active parent. There are different shoes for different situations, but I’ve managed to find a couple of pairs of the Rockport’s Total Motion Collection  that come with Adiprene by Adidas sport technology. So basically I’m running marathons that double as errand running and basic “momming“-comfy enough to support my feet and versatile to support my lifestyle.

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Life has gotten so completely full in the past year. Evangeline and Beau are constantly changing, and consistently full of life and energy. Keeping up with Beau especially is a challenge on it’s own, but it’s a balance I’ve been able to dance way into and around. Being able to work while also finding the time to participate in Jack and Zoe’s field trips, make several weekly grocery runs, school pickup and taking Evangeline to her doctors appointments is a challenge, but one that is the most important to me. I feel even better about my choices when I’m able to fluidly go from each different daily event in one even somewhat put together piece. Having a solid pair of shoes and a nice blouse or blazer on hand is a big part of this, and I am happy to have my Rockports in my arsenal to help tackle these moments within my daily adventure.

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