Theo, Beau and Evangeline; My Favorite Videos

I fell in love with photography around the time when Zoe was born and Jack was 19 months old. I had just gotten an iPhone, so the concept of social media, personal devices and digital iphoneography was all brand new to me. It took until Beau was born 5 years later that I began actively sharing photos on social media aside from my blog.

There’s something incredibly special about the still life of a photography. There is much interpretation left to the beholder, which, aside from a small caption is exactly what I love about how photos, as candid as they are in their intention, are open to perception. The message, mood and overall feeling of a photograph has so much life within the four sides of the display box. Being able to capture one of a zillion moments between my children that I am so lucky to witness every day is incredibly meaningful to me. It’s a form of art and therapy that I honestly don’t know how I’d manage without being able to process the varying degrees of everyday life craziness without.

Moving into capturing and using video has been new and a little intimidating for me. I’m not interested in over-editing the real life moments, but I also can’t seem to figure out how to get the moving motion digital clips into a cohesive, digestible space. Unlike photography, video leaves very little room for interpretation. It’s made for quick and easy consumption, especially when shared on Vine or Instagram. The past two years, I’ve played a bit with video on both of those platforms and while I am certainly nowhere near a place where I can consider them usable, these are moments that bring me instantly right back to the time when I captured them. That is a concept that is nearly invaluable to me as a parent.

Because I’ve shared these videos so rarely, I’m compiling a few of the most popular here with the promise that I will attempt to take and share more as I get more comfortable with that medium.

Some of my most favorite moments with Theo and Beau and Evangeline, too. Enjoy!











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  • Follow your posts on fb! Love seeing these videos!

  • I love your posts – they are always the highlight of my day. You are so amazing sharing your beautiful family with the world. It’s been so amazing to watch Beau & Theo (and now Evvie) grow up! Thanks for making my days a lot brighter.

  • These videos are absolutely precious. You are truly blessed with the most beautiful family, including Theo. I hope that you will write a book for adults, as you express and share your life stories so well. Wishing you a safe and happy summer.

  • these are wonderful! thank you.

  • Love the videos. So precious. Especially love the one with Theo wrapped around Beau’s head. Beau must really be a sound sleeper.

  • These are so precious! Thank you for posting & sharing with all of us…what a blessing!! I wish I could sleep so soundly!

  • Thanks for sharing. The pictures are almost too perfect and unbelievable. The video makes it real. The imperfection shooting and editing gives me as a viewer the feeling that I’m really watching the relationship between the members of your family grow and develop.

    A suggestion (which you might know) recording with your iPhone camera in a horizontal position will actually give you HD aspect ratio video and give the appearance of a larger image.

    You inspire me! Please keep up the good work!

  • I can binge watch these forever! Makes my heart sing!
    Thank you for sharing

  • Are you kidding me?! 🙂 I can’t believe how cute these are! I love how Theo rests his muzzle right on Beau’s face!

  • Love this bond, reminds me of my childhood dog. I’m a licensed vet tech with a lot of knowledge. If you have questions about Theos health or behavior, feel free to email me. This probably seems pretentious and I don’t reach out like this to strangers but Theo is unbelievable. I’m so glad they have eachother, all the best,

  • Hi from France.

    I love your videos of those two little princes.
    Gives my some confort and hope in life.


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