Nostalgia, Here and Now

I was definitely a trend follower as a child. I loved everything from Cabbage Patch Dolls to Barbies to snap bracelets, Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth and Caboodles. I lived and breathed these things because I bonded with my friends and my sister over them, and I loved them because they were vibrant, fun and provided just enough of a healthy distraction from the other heavier, less fun stuff about life that it made for a really exceptional experience as a child.

Lots of things have come and gone as far as fads go. I think I’ve now lived through two complete resurgences of bell-bottom pants (both of which I’ve partaken in happily), a few Madonna revivals, and we’re even seeing new life breathed into combat boots. When my mother told me that she remembered when she played with Troll Dolls, I can still feel the weight of my eyeballs rolling in my skull. Not only did I barely believe her, but somehow knowing that my newfound glory in the form of a small, naked, wrinkled doll with wild hair was not unique was a little bit disappointing to me. I relished the idea of being able to relate to the child that my mother was once, long before I ever met her. I’ve had many conversations with my own children, times when I’m telling stories of my childhood that they seem fascinated by, too.

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Now that I’m starting to see so many of my own childhood favorite toys come back to life, it opens up so many more opportunities to share stories that I might not have thought to tell without. We talked for the longest time about the games I would play with my friends and my sister that involved those little Trolls, and how the familiar and incredibly nostalgic smell of their poofy hair brought me right back to the saturated pop-culture of the 90’s and what it was like to be a child during that time. There’s something incredibly special about being able to revisit our own youth through the eyes of our children, and I find myself doing just that every so often. I want to create a safe, loving, colorful, diverse and fun environment for my children to grow up in, as much as I possibly can. With some of my favorite childhood toys coming back to life, it seems like though so much has changed though the popularity of technology and as we’ve evolved as a society, there are still things that I can relate to my children through the nostalgia of my own youth, much of which is found in favorite toys and products that have come back in vogue. Troll Dolls are seeing their very own resurgence exclusively through Target, and while they look sightly different with their colored bodies and jeweled bellies, the essence of the toy is there, along with the delightful memories that I can remember creating as a little girl.

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Zoe specifically has taken to the Troll Dolls and the new Caboodle that was sent her way as well. She immediately combed the hair and set up a pretend Troll City after they arrived on our doorstep. Beau has really enjoyed playing with them too, and I think that he senses that they aren’t gender specific (despite new coloring), something that makes me incredibly happy. It feels like such a privilege to be able to share these products from my own childhood with my kids, so that they especially understand the notion that I am a person just like them and I was once a child, just like them. There’s something wonderful about an old-school toy, event or product that provides a stairway to the past while connecting us to the future. I couldn’t be more excited about the Trolls coming to Target and plan on getting a few more for emergency situations! I am sure they’ll get just as much love as the ones I had as a child.

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  • OMG, I have to run out and buy some trolls for me. I don’t think but my 16 and 12 year-olds would appreciate them. Had no idea they came back again on the 90s. Ask your mother about Liddle Kiddles!

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