Making Time for Me

It seems as though just as January rolls around and I’m kicking my shoes off, relaxing into the deep recess of the dull, wintery, quiet days of the new year, my schedule has decided otherwise. I had barely exhaled from the craze of the holidays when, along with the sweet comfort of routine that reintroduces itself, life just picked up pace. I’m reminded every day that with my big family, my business, and my marriage, down time probably wouldn’t be a good thing and I should (and do) embrace the busy.


One of the biggest challenges I face is making time for myself and prioritizing my own health and needs. My schedule is spread thin over the week, especially now that we don’t have a babysitter to help juggle with me, and I’m constantly moving between school carpool, appointments with doctors and at least two sports activities per child, per week. Multitasking has become an absolute essential, and one of the ways I’m trying to prioritize exercise for myself is by squeezing in a run with Evvie and Theo before her (their) nap time. Despite the fact that I actually detest running itself, it’s easy enough and both of them enjoy the fresh air and exercise, too, so it definitely feels like a win/win. I quickly learned that in order to make this kind of time for myself, I need to have all of the details already squared away before my small window of time slams shut. In the mornings, I dress in activewear and my running shoes, because I know that I probably won’t have time to get dressed twice in one morning and I’m that much more motivated to head out if I’m ready to go in an instant. My playlist and earbuds are packed and ready, I have snacks and water for both Evvie and I ready that I prepare while making lunches for the big kids, and I have the OtterBox Symmetry Series case on my phone because I need something that is versatile, sturdy and stylish that I can depend on at all times.


My life is full and often packed with new and different situations and opportunities; I’m in Detroit for the Auto Show one week, filming a segment for television the next, and in between each and every strange and amazing event lined up for work I am parenting 100% of the time. It’s imperative that I have my everyday necessities consistent, dependable and predictable from my grocery list to my editorial calendar to my tennis shoes and my devices. For years I’ve been using the OtterBox phone and tablet cases, from early on in parenthood when I learned the hard way how easy it is to shatter a screen when fumbling around with a baby on my hip, preparing dinner, and texting my husband all at the same time. I drop my phone a LOT, and I don’t have the time or resources to consistently be replacing those expensive screens. I trust and depend on the OtterBox Symmetry Series case to not only look nice in professional situations, but also be up to the task when I’m parenting, exercising or all three at once.


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Prioritizing myself and my health is my number one goal for 2016. The new year presents many new opportunities and a clean slate for implementing new schedules, and making time for myself is a challenge that I’m willing and wanting to rise to the occasion for. I feel confident going into these changes that I’m fully prepared and excited for!

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  • I’m currently reading The Fringe Hours in a bid to find more time for me and to develop my self care routine as I have neglected myself for far too long. I even managed a trip to get my eyebrows waxed and eyelashes tinted yesterday!

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