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We dance a lot. As a family, individually, randomly, and sometimes (Beau) when we shouldn’t be. Our life has a steady soundtrack to it consisting of mostly chatter, laughing, a little screaming and a whole lot of music. There’s something about a low melody that calms the fray of a hurried atmosphere, depending of course on the actual tune. Aside from dinnertime and homework, there is often some kind of music playing at all times in our home. I’ve been deliberate to include a variety of genres into our playlists, though of course now that Jack and Zoe are getting older and able to choose what they like and want to listen to, there’s definitely a Taylor Swift theme taking over.



Though our various moves in the last few years, we’ve been leery to invest in a home stereo system. We don’t listen to cassettes, CD’s or vinyl anymore so the concept of finding a system to fit our variously connected lifestyles was somewhat limited and therefore was a fairly easy decision (for us), it just came down to details. The Sonos that we have had for years has been perfect for our smaller homes and apartment, as it’s one speaker and can easily connect to an app on our phones and functions over WiFi. The only problem was that there was only one speaker, so now in our slightly bigger home, we were ready to invest in the Sonos Home Theater system with the streaming HiFi bar, two wireless streaming speakers and one subwoofer. All of this is wonderful until it’s time to set it up, which is where the incredible Enjoy service comes in. We purchased the system though Enjoy, and they sent an expert Jeff out to not only set up the system, but explain how to use it to it’s best potential and he took the packaging with him. The kicker, though? The Enjoy service is entirely free. That’s a big deal when you’re investing into a product and they go out of their way to make an appointment to hand deliver, set up and give a tutorial on a piece of technology that I would otherwise have spent far too long trying to learn about. Jeff was prompt, kind, and incredibly competent. When time=money, this service is certainly priceless.

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We steer fairly clear of devices and encourage play with our children, but the Sonos allows the to access the files and folders that hold their own playlists, allowing them the ability turn it on and play whatever they are feeling at the moment from our phones. We put a Sonos wireless speaker in the kitchen so that we can sing and dance while we cook and bake together-and when I’m by myself, especially. Jeff showed me how to turn one speaker on and leave the other two off, and all other combinations-as well as hooking the sound bar up to our television, effectively turning our television room into a miniature home theater. Enjoy is a wonderful service of so many different reasons, but I think it would be a truly wonderful, fuss-free gift and certainly something I will consider for the future. I’m so happy with the way the Sonos has made our family time as full of life and music in the most accessible way possible.

I’m so happy to offer you a discount code to try the service for yourself! Just enter RAF-MGC when you sign up for the service online. (The code expires on April 15th, and cannot be used on Boosted Boards, Tile, or products under $100.)

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