The Art of Play + Productivity

It seems this season of life, this crazy beautiful stage constantly finds me scrambling and trying to catch up to a moving target, hustling to run a household, a business, a marriage and raise four children in the absolute best possibly way. I’m consistently behind on something, forgetting critical details, and apologizing for dropping one of the 15 balls I’m trying to juggle at any given time. I have a strict list of priorities and I’m proud to say that I stick to them; Four children, one husband, a dog and two cats (and myself). The dishes don’t often get done on time, sometimes I forget to buy groceries and there’s dinner smeared on the wall from last night, but my children are loved and cared for.

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We have a regimented schedule. Our families take the kids for sleepovers and help with school pickup, and sometimes we share in dinner duties. I have come to not only see the value in asking for help, but truly embrace the act itself. It’s broadened my horizons, improved my marriage, opened doors that make me hopeful about achieving every last thing on my to-do list. I’ve discovered recently the beauty of downloading apps for everything from smoothie & cappuccino orders to basic necessities, the types of everyday needs that this new technology is capable of expediting seamlessly, and it’s made some aspects of my life incredibly easier. Boxed is an app (as well as a website) that delivers bulk-sized groceries, household supplies and everyday necessities at good prices-plus it’s super user friendly, especially when multitasking (ordering groceries from the playground is pretty amazing). Right now, our schedule is slammed with sports and activities for our three oldest, and logistically that leaves very little time or room for any errand running at all. The kids don’t love grocery shopping, and they don’t seem to notice when we’re out of paper towels or aluminum foil, so it’s truly a non-issue for them when for me, it feels all encompassing. This way, I’m able to place a regular order for everyday things that I depend on, and it’s truly saved me time, money and sanity.

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I’m not perfect, but I try to be environmentally conscious every time I make a consumerist decision. We recycle religiously, reuse as much as possible, and refrain from being wasteful in very cognizant ways. The packaging used at Boxed is minimal, and the kids make sure to take full advantage of their beautiful blue cardboard boxes before we break them down to recycle or use them for something else. Our garage is full of toys and bikes mostly, but our storage of these everyday essentials like hand soap, snacks and diapering needs is modest enough to be practical without overdoing it. Mostly I can truly appreciate the several hours, gas and layers of patience that remain in tact when I’m able to place a monthly order for everyday household essentials while still maintaining our daily routine of school and sports activities. The simple personal curating that the Boxed team incorporates is one of my favorite features, as it makes what normally feels like wandering through aisles of the same product a one-stop shop. I’ve even been able to order game snacks for the teams through Boxed, which makes me not only a supermom in their eyes, but one less thing I have to scramble for and more time to spend doing things I actually want to be doing with my kids.

I’m happy to offer code MOMMASGONEBOXED to get 15% off your first order, plus free shipping when implemented at checkout (ends 6/15/2016)! Enjoy, friends. And enjoy the extra time with your families even more.

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