Carpools & Campouts: The Summer Swing of Things

This week marks the first days of soccer and basketball camps for the big kids. The weather is mild enough that being outdoors and running for three hours isn’t completely depleting for them, and they all enjoy having a little structure and exercise with their friends. Logistically, of course this means that we are racing all over the place getting them to and from various camps at various times and most often, one or two are along for the carpool.



These days are almost always spent at a large park or gymnasium, hopefully with a jungle gym or a space for the little ones to keep entertained. Beau and Evvie have a ton of fun playing together, especially if I bring a few of their toys and snacks. Depending on the time of day, and often it’s not during a meal time so I often resort to a box of snacks that I keep at-the-ready for the go trips where we can “tailgate” out of our car while the big kids are at camp. Love With Food is a monthly snack subscription that is junk free and full of options like trail mix and bars that the kids really like to eat and I don’t worry about what the ingredients are too much.


As a family, we don’t tend to buy junk food. On occasion and in special circumstances, we’ll bring along or purchase those kinds of things, but in order to avoid those situations it’s much more practical for me to have a subscription that delivers an already filtered version and in a organized little box to throw in the trunk of my car. The kids are almost always excited by new things, so the variety offered in the Love With Food boxes is fun for them and interesting, plus for every box shipped two meals are donated to fight hunger. Our lifestyle is really busy, and by the sheer amount of humans in our immediate care at all times means that lots of things are complicated and not often smooth or chaos-free. I love our life, but it’s really nice to have a few things that can make some of those situations smoother. Lately I devote more time to keeping the flow uninterrupted and as easily functioning as humanly possible-which is sometimes not at all.


I love our monthly subscription and it would be perfect for your family too, so here’s 40% off your first Deluxe Box (16-20 Snacks) and 50% off your first Gluten Free box (10-12 Celiac Safe Snacks).  Please feel free to share on Instagram using @lovewithfood and #lovewithfood. Would love to hear about your experience.

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