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Towards the end of summer, the seven of us tend to start unravelling. We’ve stayed up late watching movies with homemade popcorn and cooking smore’s on campfires, we’ve swam in oceans, lakes and chlorinated pools, so much that our blonde, sun bleached hair has all turned three shades of green. We’ve woken up late and gone on last minute road trips, the long hours at baseball games and aquariums have all earned their check marks our summer calendar. We’re all a bit in need of a regular routine, one that keeps us motivated and eager to learn and meet new challenges.

School starts this month, and my game plan as a parent of four who will be attending school outside of the home, is starting with emotional organization.  I try to prepare them by helping them feel confidant, excited, and organized to begin a new and important chapter in their lives!

Each of their needs are unique, which is why I’m so glad I can count on PayPal for my online shopping. From furniture to fashion and meal prep, I can get all their favorite supplies with peace of mind. Not to mention, by the time summer is over, the only time I have to shop is online after everyone is asleep. I’m always pleasantly surprised to see the PayPal option at checkout of my favorite retailers-so definitely check out PayPal’s exclusive deals this season, visit their Back-to-School hub (terms apply).


We just moved into a home that is walking distance from the middle school, elementary school, and Evangeline’s preschool. Jack was in need of his own space, so I spent quite a bit of time online designing his new room and were able to order furniture for his room on Pottery Barn using PayPal! He has already taken ownership of his new bed, side table and desk in a space where he can retreat when he needs quiet study time and an emotional reboot. Even when shopping for furniture, I feel secure and efficient paying with PayPal for everything I need to order online. My address and information are stored and protected, making it only a few easy clicks from decision to purchase.

Getting them ready to attend school means that I also have to prepare myself for them to be gone. As much as I appreciate routine, I dread sending them off every day. It’s pretty critical that I am organized when preparing their lunches, backpacks and outfits to make sure that we are out of the house on time, and we all have to agree on the choices made for these things, so we shop online together. New backpacks in fresh, different sizes and designs, plus lunch and water containers that are cute, reusable and make lunchtime fun and manageable for little, independent hands. I can trust that PayPal partners with many brands, making my decisions easier all around.

Probably the most fun for all of us (me, specifically) is back to school wardrobe shopping. Even the biggest retailers that carry all kinds of different brands accept PayPal, which covers all of my age groups in one stop shopping-something I can rarely say for anything anymore. Five birds, one stone. The kids feel fresh, new and ready to tackle a new school year in an organized and confident fashion, and I don’t have to worry about hand-wringing over outfit choices. I wish I could order meal planning through PayPal, because that feels like the only thing I can’t seem to get organized with. The one thing I’ve learned through the years of planning and preparing children for school, is the difference it makes when I feel ready and capable, too. I appreciate and utilize tools that make my life as a parent easier and more efficient, and PayPal has been a trusted and effective source that supports and protects my online shopping experience. I am so happy to see that my favorite retailers have joined forces to offer their tools as well!


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