Regaining My Sanity and Success with Adero

I’m currently sitting at my laptop with more than five tabs open in my browser.  I’m ordering groceries on one site and creating birthday invitations on another, signing a contract electronically  and paying bills. I’m also signing up to drive the carpool, checking out the kids’ field trips and arranging playdates. Oh, and there’s the repairman coming over to fix the dishwasher. Sound familiar? And in the middle that is the chaos of life, I’m also making sure to slot into every day an hour to exercise, be it a run or pilates before the sun rises, a cycle class or swimming at our local gym.  It’s the one thing that I incorporate into my daily routine that ensures my personal, emotional well-being.


I was never an organized person until I became a parent. I learned–quickly and often the hard way–that successfully making it to my appointments and meeting obligations hinges on my ability to be well-enough prepared just to leave the house. Diapers, wipes and snacks need to be in the diaper bag, which needs to go with me to the car. The kids need their backpacks to go to school. And I absolutely must have my wallet and my laptop in my purse before I leave the house! Heaven forbid I leave my yoga mat or running shoes or headphones at home. I lose myself in fear that my entire day will be wrecked.


For all of these reasons, I was completely thrilled and relieved to be introduced to Adero. With Adero’s easy-to-use technology, I can place a Smart Tag on the bags I use most often, like my purse, my gym bag, or the kid’s backpacks. The Smart Tag pairs with smaller Taglets, which stick on the important items that I’m always toting inside my various bags and backpacks. Paired with a smartphone, Adero sends me nice little push notification via the Adero App to let me know I have everything I need, or if I’m missing something. It’s such a relief to know that I’ll never be without the important stuff I always need to get me through my day successfully. It means I’ll never leave the house without my gym bag and running shoes, my purse and wallet, the kid’s backpack and lunch boxes. And once we get Jack up and running on Adero, he’ll never be without his EpiPen or his school binders. Bonus!


The amount of tabs open on my laptop is a small indication of the number of things we as women, parents and members of modern society are required to be responsible for in our over-scheduled and highly connected lives. It can be exhilarating when it’s all working well, and totally exhausting when it goes sideways. For me, getting time in to exercise is paramount to my success and overall emotional health, and something as simple as forgetting my swimsuit or my laptop will set off a snowball effect that rolls through the rest of the day.I am most grateful to have the Adero tool to help me make sure that I don’t leave home without what I need for a successful day.

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