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Jessica Shyba, author of Momma’s Gone City and popular internet sensation Theo & Beau, has been blogging since 2009. The original intent was to simply stay in touch with friends as the family embarked in a cross-country move from California to New York City, a move prompted by her husband attending dental school at NYU. The family has since returned to California and grown to include 4 children; Jack, Zoe, Beau, and very recently, Evangeline — as well as a cat named Charlie and a puppy named Theo. The budding friendship between the baby Beau & puppy Theo catapulted Jessica’s blog & Instagram into international fame when she started documenting their daily side-by-side naps. Along with that fame, came opportunities for sponsorships on Momma’s Gone City, and a book deal which allowed Jessica to showcase her writing & photography.

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The only better thing than naptime is naptime with a friend!

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