City Life

Subway: Done!

We conquered our greatest mission since being here! Yesterday I finally got J and Z on the subway BY MYSELF. I strapped Z on in the baby carrier and we were off. Our destination was Central Park, and we made it there in great time...


Mission Accomplished

This past week was full of small (even though they felt huge) milestones. Dr. J started school officially on Monday, and while that only actually consisted of fun things to get him and his classmates familiar with the school and each other, it was my...


Getting Our Feet Wet

Well, here we are on week three (right? It's been three weeks? I can't keep track of anything). Dr. J started Dental School yesterday, and as nervous as I was in the months leading up to yesterday about this first week, it has gone off...


We Made It!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we are here in New York City and finally feeling somewhat settled. The transition was easier than I expected as far as the actual travel goes, but emotionally it's been rough for my little guy (more on...

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