Preparing our Natural Nursery with Honest

This post was sponsored by The Honest Company. To learn more about their products, click here. I got into the car yesterday after swim lessons, knowing we had a 45-minute drive ahead of us and I somehow misplaced the diapers. Beau is slowly learning to...


Honestly Appreciating These Small Moments

I'm the best mother I can be when I am completely immersed. Before we moved to California from New York City, Justin took a two-week trip to the Bay Area to take care of some business before our family switched coasts. He completed an exam for...


Honestly Potty Training: A Brave New World

An amazing thing about documenting my children-specifically my baby and puppy-every day is I get see how they have grown so incredibly rapidly. Normally, I feel as though they just happen to wake up looking older and wiser than they did the night before. Theo and...