toddler clothes

Fridays with Theo and Beau

It occurred to me that putting a weekly roundup of my photos of Theo and Beau would serve more than one purpose, rather than having them exclusively on my Instagram feed (I've been blogging for almost five years and this only just occurred to me)....


Savvy in Stella Industries

Having a little girl is a lot of fun. Not just because I get to put her hair in braids, or stay up telling stories about how many things she will teach her new baby brother, or how much she loves to spin and twirl...


Bird’s Nest

I'm obsessed with Birdie's clothes. I have been since the moment I learned that I was having a baby girl, and I went out first thing and bought a tutu. I wish I was kidding. I'm actually not into the saccharine sweet look, the wardrobe...